How to pour and serve red wine in restaurants, hotels

How to pour red wine properly

Clean the bottle

After opening the red wine button, you should use a towel to wipe off any dirt or debris left in the bottle, avoiding falling into the wine.

Pour wine into a glass

You need to carefully hold the wine bottle with the palm of your hand, so guide the wine label on the client so that they can see the wine bottle information. When filling, you close the bottle near the mouth but do not touch the glass, start pouring the wine from the middle of the glass, then bring the bottle up slowly.

At about ½ cup, you rotate the bottleneck gently to the left or right, from the bottle top to avoid distortion on the table. While pouring, you avoid shaking your hands so that the residue in the alcohol can emerge.

Continue to clean the bottle

After pouring, you continue to wipe the wipes again to avoid the drops of wine can also create a stain on the bottle

Process of serving red wine

Prepare wine glasses

Before having your glasses set on a table or table, you must check for any stains or dust remaining on the glass. Make sure that the cup is clean, transparent, or can be placed in a reasonable position on the table.

Introduce wine to guests

When introducing the wine, you must turn the label to the customer, clearly present the origin, the type of wine and the year of manufacture of the wine. Next, you will be introduced to the taste and characteristics of the wine. Then please allow guests to open the wine.

Red wine needs to be opened before drinking for 15-30 minutes to let the yeast escape, the reaction between oxygen and alcohol will help to taste better wine.

In case you have chosen your favorite wine, you do not need to introduce a bottle of wine, just bring the wine and open the wine in front of guests.

Open the cork

Use a small knife to cut a tin ring of the bottle and remove lightly. Then use the wine opener to open the cork, after opening you put the cork button on a plate on the table for guests to check.

Drinking alcohol and pouring wine

When you try the wine, you pour a glass of wine to the owner of the table or the caller and invite guests to try wine. After the wine is finished, you ask for the remaining guests at the table in the order of women first, male after. On how to red wine properly, you follow the steps above.

Next drink

If you have drunk alcohol in the glass, you must actively pour more wine for guests, only stop serving when asked to stop. When you have poured all the wine in the bottle, you have to ask the owner of the party whether to add wine or not. If guests call a different wine, all glass on the table for guests. You can not pour two different kinds of wine into the same glass, which will confuse the taste of the wine.Some note when serving red wine

The standard red wine serving temperature ranges from 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. In summer, you need to soak in cold ice for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Also in the winter, you can serve directly without cold soaking.

► Do not soak cold red wine in ice for a long time as it will damage the aroma of the wine.

► When you call red wine, you should remind guests not to use salad dressing vinegar oil.

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